First, I want to say Praise our Lord our God and our Savior  He is to be praised in all kinds of storms!! It’s in times like this that we need to truly fix our heart, mind and eyes on God, He is the only source and answer to all of this.

Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus  and it’s potential affects to us all and the many drastic steps that have been set in motion to protect people and contain the spread of this dangerous virus.  Many large events have cancelled or postponed things until further notice.    We too have made the decision to postpone Rise Women’s Conference until later in the year.  We are at the place where a lot of things needed to be consider as we could be facing a possible mandatory quarantine that would make getting the word out to everyone challenging. At this time Rise Women’s Conference for March 27 & 28 , 2020 is POSTPONED.

Remember, living without fear and approaching moments like these with an UNSHAKABLE trust in GOD says more about HIM to the ‘watching world’ that 1000’s of sermons or conferences ever could.  If our faith isn’t strong enough to sustain us with hope in moments like these, do we have legitimate faith? Now, more than ever the Church and the Body of Christ needs to live up to the power of Jesus Christ living in us as we walk in Victor over sickness, chaos and fear.

Declaring that God will be Lord over all!

Lisa Gurganus

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